‘Just living is not enough …. one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower’ – Hans Christian Anderson


Blue pimpernal: the little blue beauties   

My walks at the nearby park continues. I chanced upon these sleeping beauties (below). A flower after my own heart for the simple reason that it is a late riser like myself! At eight – eight thirty in the morning when most people are up and about, they were still sleeping so I had to come back again for them at a later time – i went around eleven to give them enough time and i found them in full glory like bright little blue stars in the green bed of its foliage. oh yes! I would definitely love to have them when I have my own garden.

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty: blue pimpernal yet to open



Pretty Purple: oxalis

Blossoms of oxalis

Oxalis * wood sorrel * yenjhin      

Oxalis or wood sorrel has very pretty little flowers. It is a weed and has become quite a nightmare spreading out so happily all over our garden. I have spent many an evening helping out my mom in taking out the roots of this plant. Nevertheless, it has such pretty flowers and is good for hair. It is however the ones with yellow flowers and smaller leaves that are more popularly used.            ©Ingallei