‘To paradise, the Arabs say, Satan could never find the way until the peacock led him in’

…. and that makes me wonder why we are so in love with beauty and yet are so suspicious about it.

In flight:

In flight: evening rendezvous continues; entries from My Peafowl Diaries ©Ingallei


The dancing peacock: another from my Peafowl Diary

pre-monsoon teasers: Dancing Peacock - entries from My Peafowl Dairies

Pre-monsoon teasers: Dancing Peacock – entries from My Peafowl Dairies    

They sure love posing for the camera standing tall (and higher level than me) on the opposite building as the evening sun bathes the red bricks of the community center. That day he came as usual around evening tea time and decided to give a teaser of the thousand eyes in his tail. In Hindu mythology, the peacock is said to have gained these thousand eyes from Indra, the king of Swargalok who reigns in heaven.


A peep into my peafowl diary: Of Peacocks & Peahens

‘The pride of the peacock is the glory of god’ – William Blake

From my peafowl diaries

The courting season – entries from My Peafowl Diary

……….and that is what i call basking in someone else’s glory. Pea fowls frequent the little community centre right in front of my balcony on the first floor. I have usually photographed them from the same balcony. sometimes they look up to me – when they are on the ground; but very often they fly up to the second floor and look down on me. Sometimes they sit there as if posing for me and challenging me to take more shots. I took this shot last month when I found this peacock spreading out his wings in full glory but he did not want me anywhere near him and because of the iron rails of the center’s walls, i could not take a full blown picture of him. the peahens sure it made it up for me though!