Pink Ice: WPC Optimism & Cee’s Fun PC Pink Flowers

The Daily Post prompts us on ‘Optimistic‘ while Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge for this week is ‘Pink-Magenta Flowers‘: for me the two prompts seem to converge on an afternoon of Pink Ice flowers.

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Flowers never fail to lift my spirits. Sometimes I just like to sit in gardens or lawns among the plants and flowers. These pictures were taken on one such occasion when I spent a lazy post-lunch winter afternoon on a break from a long spell of what seemed to be highly unproductive effort to finish something I was working on. For the short time I spent there, it made me feel good to reconnect with nature and remain positive.

Cee’s challenge invites for flowers in the colour range of pink to magenta. I am sticking to the colour pink and to one flower, the Pink Ice flower. I got distracted with the bees hovering around these flowers. It was such fun to watch the buds unfurling right before your eyes in moments. In the next few moments, the first bee sat on it and in a short while there was a party of bees! I did have fun taking these pictures. It was much later that I realised I had not taken any photograph to capture the flower itself as the main focus!!


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Roses, marigolds, crape jasmine and daisies with camphor cubes, incense sticks and cotton ropes soaked in oil: all set to be offered to Ganga @Rs.20, Haridwar, India

‘Don’t send me flowers when I am dead. If you like me, send them while I am alive’ – Brian Clough

because …….

‘what sunshine is to a flower, smiles are to humanity’ – Joseph Adison


‘to me, flowers are happiness’ – Stefano Gabbana


‘if your heart is a volcano, how shall u expect flowers to bloom?’ – Khalil Gibran


‘Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them’ – A.A. Milne

Poppies in the wheat field


poppies in the wheat fields of Punjab; ©Rekha Konsam

“And that furthermore in my own technique I have the same ideas about colour, even thought about them when I was still in Holland. Cornflowers and white chrysanthemums and a certain number of marigolds – see here a motif in blue and orange. Heliotrope and yellow roses – motif in lilac and yellow. Poppies or red geraniums in vigorously green leaves – motif in red and green.” – Vincent Van Gogh


Purple crown flower

crown flower * angkot

crown flower * calotropis gigantea * angkot                  

We had the white crown flower growing in the compound but this purple one was a latter addition. The parent plant was a sapling from Meghalaya but ever since then, it has happily stayed on propagating new saplings from its seeds. The pretty flowers can be made into lovely garlands using only the crowns. Like the Spanish cherry (bokul) flowers, the paddy grains and the soaked pea, the crown flower (angkot) makes exquisite garlands.


Another pink bloom!

Natonchabi * Pink baby rose * rosa multiflora

Natonchabi * Pink baby rose * rosa multiflora

Pretty flowers that happily bloom in clusters and tend to be gregarious rapidly spreading its branches along fences. For some reasons, this pretty flower is not valued and not particularly cultivated but grows more like a wild flower. with an infamous name as natonchabi , the beautiful blossom is quite underrated.


Nongmangkha blossoms



A nongmangkha bush grows at the gate of our house. If I remember right, it is at least twenty years old and has now grown into a nice little bush. In March, the dark green bush becomes tinted with amber colour as it blossoms in abandon attracting bees. The hues of amber, golden yellow, mustard yellow, orange are some of the colours that I have come to associate with March. Read more about it here

© Ingallei

Pink blooms

Hill glory bower * kuthapmanbi; photo ©Ingallei

hill glory bower * kuthapmanbi

Caught this ovely beauties while walking around the campus of Rajiv Gandhi University in Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh. It grew wild in bushes everywhere inside the campus. I was drawn by the fragrance which was something like that of the honeysuckle. It had big leaves and the bushes were about five feet tall. The white flowers with deep pink tints in the middle from where the whiskers emerges bloomed in abandon all over the campus. It was a lovely good morning greeting to start the day!

© Ingallei