WPC: Vibrant – the Bangles Shop

Vibrant:  Delhi has some really interesting places and things to explore. one of them is the bangles shop particularly at night. The glitters, colours and glasses of the assortment of bangles lined up for display makes it so attractive – even for someone who never buys them. The photographs here were taken during the Diwali craft bazaar at the Dilli Haat grounds.








Nongmangkha blossoms



A nongmangkha bush grows at the gate of our house. If I remember right, it is at least twenty years old and has now grown into a nice little bush. In March, the dark green bush becomes tinted with amber colour as it blossoms in abandon attracting bees. The hues of amber, golden yellow, mustard yellow, orange are some of the colours that I have come to associate with March. Read more about it here

© Ingallei