‘To paradise, the Arabs say, Satan could never find the way until the peacock led him in’

…. and that makes me wonder why we are so in love with beauty and yet are so suspicious about it.

In flight:

In flight: evening rendezvous continues; entries from My Peafowl Diaries ©Ingallei


My Peafowl Diary: The dancing peacock

and that is performing for an audience

A peacock among peahens: .. and that is performing for an audience: entries from My Peafowl Diary @Ingallei

Another view from my balcony. The community centre continues to be a hangout for these beautiful birds. they are beautiful no doubt but they sound horrible!! The male of the species sounds worse – almost like braying or a keyboard with the wrong chords, but don’t they simply look amazing!




It was evening time. Flocks of birds were preparing to retire for the night. The evening was lively with their chirpings. Nature seemed to be alive with the rejoicing of these birds after a long day. As the birds playfully tweaked around, this lone bird sat on the brick wall with its beak open. I wondered if it was waiting for the spouse. The bird and this picture prompted me to write a few lines impromptu. Read about it at http://ingallei.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/evening-chirpings/

Photographed in the front porch of my home in Manipur in Northeast India. Once again, it would be great if anyone would help identify the name of this bird.