images mirages: WPC abstract

Abstract: it’s all about perspective, isn’t it?


Riding the boat in the backwaters of Kerala (India) among the mangroves leading to the Golden Beach of Varkala, the images on the water surface disturbed by the ripples seemed more fascinating than the objects that it reflected.



Anaconda in the Backwaters of Kerala

Anaconda in the Backwaters of Kerala

backwaters of Kerala

watched the film ‘Anaconda’? on our visit to Kovallam, we decided to do a tour of the famed backwaters of Kerala. we went to the one that was supposedly nearest to Kovallam beach. it was a pretty sight for sure. as we set sail entering the thick outgrowths, the boatman proudly tells us that this is the place where Anaconda was filmed. was i impressed? well, lets put it this way, my immediate question was, are there snakes here?


Snake-neck @ backwaters of Kerala

Snake-neck @ backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala hosts a variety of birds that are a pleasure to look out for, even for people like me who are not always on a look-out for birds. The boatman was kind enough to point out some of the birds as we cruised by. This bird, he said, is called the snake-neck because it has long gracious neck that  resembles a snake