From Above: Trees


A scene at Wangoo village in Manipur (NE India)

My submission in response to Majka’s photo challenge ‘From Above: Trees‘. This is a shot taken on the hillock in the outskirts of the village of Wangoo. I had written my thoughts on the trip on an earlier post. The river is the main source of water for the villages along its bank. locally known as turel achouba (the big river), its English name is the Manipur river. It drains off water from the Loktak multi-purpose dam. from this view point, it is the skies, the river and the trees that is striking.

The trees, however, veils the houses on either side of the river – something i appreciated on visiting the village after taking these shots.The river bank ran along the backyards of the cluster of houses on the east. It was approaching evening by then. there were people drawing water, washing utensils and checking on the fishing nets they had laid down earlier in the day.




The appeal of an unexpected surprise – my romance with wildflowers continues


April blossoms of wild flowers – Gomphrena weed: life in Delhi

I came across these small flowers in the nearby park couple of weeks back. I had plucked the blooms to put them up in my room. Yesterday, I found that parts of the park had been turned white with patches of the plant spreading out. It is a low growing little plant that rather tends to spreads out horizontally. The blossoms are about an inch at the most. I am not sure what this plant is but its details are certainly fascinating!



Anaconda in the Backwaters of Kerala

Anaconda in the Backwaters of Kerala

backwaters of Kerala

watched the film ‘Anaconda’? on our visit to Kovallam, we decided to do a tour of the famed backwaters of Kerala. we went to the one that was supposedly nearest to Kovallam beach. it was a pretty sight for sure. as we set sail entering the thick outgrowths, the boatman proudly tells us that this is the place where Anaconda was filmed. was i impressed? well, lets put it this way, my immediate question was, are there snakes here?

A Bee-hive near my window! ©ingellei

A colony of bees camped on a forget-me-not bush adjacent to a window of my house. i could not resist taking pictures of it. the first is a view from the outside





 the second picture is a view from inside the house… and so is the third


a close-up of the colony: ©ingellei

Bees and insects hover around over the fruit trees and flowers all over. But this one came too close to the house. this one group established their settlement just next to the window! i guess it liked the sun falling over the pretty bunches of flowers….. Her Majesty sure must love the kingdom of flora!
after the inhabitants of the colony migrated, what was left behind was the structure. i have no idea what it is called but it was kind of spongy, slightly sticky (not too sticky) browning thing that was left behind. i am not sure which variety of bee this one is. but i sure am curious how honey is extracted. does anyone know?

Underneath the blue skies, lies a green valley


Underneath the blue skies, lies a green valley…………..only, it was a green carpet formed of siltation on a lake. on these carpets, people constructed  houses. it is said that houses would move with the direction of the winds and movement of the water. you may sleep in these houses in one part of this freshwater lake, and possibly wake up in another part of the lake. this is the Loktak Lake in Manipur, India. the green masses are locally called phumdi.  

A date on the guava blossom: ©ingellei

bees on Guava flower: ©ingellei

It was the start of summer, the plum and apricot blossom had just been over and those plants were all green now with fresh leaves and little fruits. the next in line to light up the compounds of my home were the guava plants with its lovely white blossom.

of Bees and of Flowers: ©ingellei


the early morning bee enjoying nectar

caught this a sight on an early morning walk inside the campus of Panjab University, Chandigarh. I don’t know which flower this is, but it sure looked pretty!


update: just found out that this is the flower of the Barringtonia Acutangula also known as Freshwater Mangrove