‘To paradise, the Arabs say, Satan could never find the way until the peacock led him in’

…. and that makes me wonder why we are so in love with beauty and yet are so suspicious about it.

In flight:

In flight: evening rendezvous continues; entries from My Peafowl Diaries ©Ingallei


The dancing peacock: another from my Peafowl Diary

pre-monsoon teasers: Dancing Peacock - entries from My Peafowl Dairies

Pre-monsoon teasers: Dancing Peacock – entries from My Peafowl Dairies    

They sure love posing for the camera standing tall (and higher level than me) on the opposite building as the evening sun bathes the red bricks of the community center. That day he came as usual around evening tea time and decided to give a teaser of the thousand eyes in his tail. In Hindu mythology, the peacock is said to have gained these thousand eyes from Indra, the king of Swargalok who reigns in heaven.


My Peafowl Diary: The dancing peacock

and that is performing for an audience

A peacock among peahens: .. and that is performing for an audience: entries from My Peafowl Diary @Ingallei

Another view from my balcony. The community centre continues to be a hangout for these beautiful birds. they are beautiful no doubt but they sound horrible!! The male of the species sounds worse – almost like braying or a keyboard with the wrong chords, but don’t they simply look amazing!

A peep into my peafowl diary: Of Peacocks & Peahens

‘The pride of the peacock is the glory of god’ – William Blake

From my peafowl diaries

The courting season – entries from My Peafowl Diary

……….and that is what i call basking in someone else’s glory. Pea fowls frequent the little community centre right in front of my balcony on the first floor. I have usually photographed them from the same balcony. sometimes they look up to me – when they are on the ground; but very often they fly up to the second floor and look down on me. Sometimes they sit there as if posing for me and challenging me to take more shots. I took this shot last month when I found this peacock spreading out his wings in full glory but he did not want me anywhere near him and because of the iron rails of the center’s walls, i could not take a full blown picture of him. the peahens sure it made it up for me though!


‘Just living is not enough …. one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower’ – Hans Christian Anderson


Blue pimpernal: the little blue beauties   

My walks at the nearby park continues. I chanced upon these sleeping beauties (below). A flower after my own heart for the simple reason that it is a late riser like myself! At eight – eight thirty in the morning when most people are up and about, they were still sleeping so I had to come back again for them at a later time – i went around eleven to give them enough time and i found them in full glory like bright little blue stars in the green bed of its foliage. oh yes! I would definitely love to have them when I have my own garden.

sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty: blue pimpernal yet to open



Snake-neck @ backwaters of Kerala

Snake-neck @ backwaters of Kerala

The backwaters of Kerala hosts a variety of birds that are a pleasure to look out for, even for people like me who are not always on a look-out for birds. The boatman was kind enough to point out some of the birds as we cruised by. This bird, he said, is called the snake-neck because it has long gracious neck that  resembles a snake




It was evening time. Flocks of birds were preparing to retire for the night. The evening was lively with their chirpings. Nature seemed to be alive with the rejoicing of these birds after a long day. As the birds playfully tweaked around, this lone bird sat on the brick wall with its beak open. I wondered if it was waiting for the spouse. The bird and this picture prompted me to write a few lines impromptu. Read about it at http://ingallei.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/evening-chirpings/

Photographed in the front porch of my home in Manipur in Northeast India. Once again, it would be great if anyone would help identify the name of this bird.