Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle


My first post for the Weekly Photo Challenge. I was not sure if the post is supposed to be a single photograph or not, but I just saw pen and paper blog and thought of posting more than one.

The photo challenge, for me, is to capture the circle that is the sun – ironic as the challenge says, because the sun shines bright and the circle is not always clearly visible to the eye and to capture it through photography which – for me is so much about light and composition. the first photograph stood out for me but then it seems to miss a point of reference.

These pictures were taken on a rather cloudy smoggy day of an approaching winter evening. In frame is a setting sun whose amber tones seem highlighted by the smog.





9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Circle

    1. The first thought that struck when i saw the word ‘circle’ was seasonal cycle and then when I read your challenge, all i could think of was the illusive circumference of the sun. did i or did i not ever get it? It certainly prompted me to the post. and thnx for visiting and leaving a comment 🙂

  1. Some people post one photo, others post many. It’s entirely up to you! Welcome to the Photo Challenge. You submitted a great post!

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