In the urban village of Mashoodpur, underneath the Babool tree

In the village of Mashoodpur

In the village of Mashoodpur, Delhi

Some days back, I accompanied a friend  on a visit to Mashoodpur, an urban village in Delhi. I happened upon this big babool (sc. vachellia nilotica) tree with lovely yellow flowers. I caught sight of many children playing around in the ground partially shaded by the tree. A barber had also opened shop in the open area – his shop consisted of a chair, a mirror and his tools. He was busy with his customer. The scene reminded me of a lifestyle that I no longer associate with Delhi.

I took a couple of pictures of the tree and wondered if I should take a picture of the scene in front of me or if people would mind me doing so. That was when a couple of children intervened to take the decision for me. They happily asked me to take their picture.


5 thoughts on “In the urban village of Mashoodpur, underneath the Babool tree

    1. I took it on digicam. I played around and edited it a bit as i was not too happy with the light. I think i know how u feel. i just love to click children. they are eager, sometimes posing but its just the enthusiasm and the openness they seem to have 🙂

      1. absolutely! and about the photograph – i hope it does not make it too bad as a photograph though 🙂 Thnx for visiting and for your comments. its always so nice to get feedbacks and communicate

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