when i can no longer ignore the itch to plant!


planting onion (tilhou) in a kulfi matka: life in Delhi

When the bug of gardening bites me and the impulse to plant taunts me – a non-fussy short cut  to indulge myself is to put out onion sprouts either in water or a little soil anywhere. It is hardly gardening and its hardly the kitchen garden at home but well, it does feel so good to see it shoot up taller each day!

Last year, I had planted it in the little terracotta pot that I found too cute to throw away after eating away the kulfi that it came with. It sure looked pretty!



“A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.” – Walt Whitman


morning glory – a glorious English name for a wildflower that is commonly noted for crawling up walls and dismissed as creeper *mayep-lei in Manipuri, in the name of the amplifiers called mayep corrupted from ‘mic’

prickly poppy on the sidewalk


“What a pity flowers can utter no sound!—A singing rose, a whispering violet, a murmuring honeysuckle … oh, what a rare and exquisite miracle would these be!”
–  Henry Ward Beecher.

Purple crown flower

crown flower * angkot

crown flower * calotropis gigantea * angkot                  

We had the white crown flower growing in the compound but this purple one was a latter addition. The parent plant was a sapling from Meghalaya but ever since then, it has happily stayed on propagating new saplings from its seeds. The pretty flowers can be made into lovely garlands using only the crowns. Like the Spanish cherry (bokul) flowers, the paddy grains and the soaked pea, the crown flower (angkot) makes exquisite garlands.


Pretty Purple: oxalis

Blossoms of oxalis

Oxalis * wood sorrel * yenjhin      

Oxalis or wood sorrel has very pretty little flowers. It is a weed and has become quite a nightmare spreading out so happily all over our garden. I have spent many an evening helping out my mom in taking out the roots of this plant. Nevertheless, it has such pretty flowers and is good for hair. It is however the ones with yellow flowers and smaller leaves that are more popularly used.            ©Ingallei