A Bee-hive near my window! ©ingellei

A colony of bees camped on a forget-me-not bush adjacent to a window of my house. i could not resist taking pictures of it. the first is a view from the outside





 the second picture is a view from inside the house… and so is the third


a close-up of the colony: ©ingellei

Bees and insects hover around over the fruit trees and flowers all over. But this one came too close to the house. this one group established their settlement just next to the window! i guess it liked the sun falling over the pretty bunches of flowers….. Her Majesty sure must love the kingdom of flora!
after the inhabitants of the colony migrated, what was left behind was the structure. i have no idea what it is called but it was kind of spongy, slightly sticky (not too sticky) browning thing that was left behind. i am not sure which variety of bee this one is. but i sure am curious how honey is extracted. does anyone know?

12 thoughts on “A Bee-hive near my window! ©ingellei

  1. 1st pic is the best…BTW, what’s the name of the flower? M making a balcony garden here..want those flowers!! 🙂 waiting for more pics!!

    1. we know it as forget-me-not flower. i think its also called hydrangea.
      starting a terrace garden sounds woderful, naobi. the tuberoses on my balcony is now flowering…..it feels so good!! 🙂

  2. Extraction can be commercial or domestic. Just a simple extraction can be done by squeezing the comb after the bees are send off the comb if u don’t wanna get a bite.
    For commercial, you need a bee extractor machine. The mechanism is quite simple. I can’t explain everything here. You’ll come to know when you see it. Aftet that you need to filter it. It can be done by passing the extracted honey through a white thin cloth.
    Before doing anything just take a bite of the comb. I bet you will forget the dabur honey/market honey or whatever.
    That bite is the real taste of the thousands of nectar collected by those hardworking bee workers. And don’t forget to think you have smelled thousands of flowers when you are done.

    1. Ur description of its taste does sound enticing! I must make it a point to try it sometime. I know that these hives are consumed, though i am not sure at which stage, and that it is considered a delicacy by some. Now i am curious how it is consumed besides making honey

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