A Bee-hive near my window! ©ingellei

A colony of bees camped on a forget-me-not bush adjacent to a window of my house. i could not resist taking pictures of it. the first is a view from the outside





 the second picture is a view from inside the house… and so is the third


a close-up of the colony: ©ingellei

Bees and insects hover around over the fruit trees and flowers all over. But this one came too close to the house. this one group established their settlement just next to the window! i guess it liked the sun falling over the pretty bunches of flowers….. Her Majesty sure must love the kingdom of flora!
after the inhabitants of the colony migrated, what was left behind was the structure. i have no idea what it is called but it was kind of spongy, slightly sticky (not too sticky) browning thing that was left behind. i am not sure which variety of bee this one is. but i sure am curious how honey is extracted. does anyone know?

Underneath the blue skies, lies a green valley


Underneath the blue skies, lies a green valley…………..only, it was a green carpet formed of siltation on a lake. on these carpets, people constructed  houses. it is said that houses would move with the direction of the winds and movement of the water. you may sleep in these houses in one part of this freshwater lake, and possibly wake up in another part of the lake. this is the Loktak Lake in Manipur, India. the green masses are locally called phumdi.  

A date on the guava blossom: ©ingellei

bees on Guava flower: ©ingellei

It was the start of summer, the plum and apricot blossom had just been over and those plants were all green now with fresh leaves and little fruits. the next in line to light up the compounds of my home were the guava plants with its lovely white blossom.

of Bees and of Flowers: ©ingellei


the early morning bee enjoying nectar

caught this a sight on an early morning walk inside the campus of Panjab University, Chandigarh. I don’t know which flower this is, but it sure looked pretty!


update: just found out that this is the flower of the Barringtonia Acutangula also known as Freshwater Mangrove

Nothing like a splash to beat the heat!

Splash! Splash! ducks enjoying the water at Lalbagh garden, Bangalore; photo:  ©Ingallei

Bangalore was hotter than Delhi when i happened to visit there in March. what a disappointment! after everyone told me of the lovely climate there, i landed in the hottest season in Bangalore – the pre-Monsoon period! It was even hotter than Delhi. So hot that when the air hostess announced the temperature outside, all the passengers of the Delhi-Bengaluru flight gave a collective sigh! I wished i could splash in the water like this family of ducks in Lalbagh garden.

© Ingallei

On the Banks of the Imphal river

on the banks of the Imphal river, just a day after the monsoon showered the hills and the valley… the river ran across through the hills and the valley washing away all that lay on its path. ©ingellei